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Good Intentions Food ®️

Some claim this tomato juice makes the best spicy bloody mary they've ever tasted. It's also a delicious add-in to many dishes, and amazing + nutritious in a glass on it's own.

We're slowly laying the foundation of a regenerative food business anchored on this core product. I know more about peppers, tomatoes, and canning than I did three years ago when I promised dad, as he was about to gain his angel wings, that I would figure this out.

Up Next:

recipe consistency testing || all the legal & QA i's dotted and t's crossed || find a certified kitchen to rent || sell at local farmer's markets with some e-commerce shipments

Nutritious food that honors the land and the farmers is a critical tool for all of us to thrive, yes, even if it's made into a bloody mary.


Early 1980's: a gardener plots his land & begins his tomato obsession

Mid 1980's: his wife spies a recipe in a mailer

Late 1980's: adaptations were made with fresh ingredients

1990's-now: everyone that tries it LOVES it.

2020-now: recipe consistency and R&D