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reinvention coaching

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    8 weeks of one-on-one coaching over zoom. This program is designed to help you excavate, uncover, and root out your dreams and anything that is getting in your way of achieving them. Just like perennial flowers reinvent themselves every spring, with the right support, we can shift our life in any direction and cultivate our dreams. 

    Feeling unsure about where to go next, unsupported in your day to day, ready to tune in a bit more to what's best for you, and make more space for your intuition, lightness, and joy in your life? Reinvention is perfect for you. 

    You will be held in a safe space each week, accountable for actions you commit to, and validated for all you're doing. 

    We start with a free discovery call to ensure we're the right fit. That's when we decide on how the following 8 weeks will proceed. Weekly sessions are 75 minutes each. You will leave with a better understanding of yourself, what's in your highest and best interest, and tools you will use for a lifetime.