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Intuitive Entrepreneurship: Introduction

Posted on February 10 2021, By: Nicole Beaudin

I don’t think we give our intuition enough credit… we think (or should I say our ego wants us to believe) that it’s our brain and logic that is driving the bus, but like our other mammal friends, humans have survived lifetimes thanks to intuitive hunches that our heart processes and sends to our brain.

I’ve been reading more and more about our heart and all that it does (if you want to go down your own rabbit hole, I could spend hours here). It’s got me thinking… what if I led this business from the heart and followed through with logic. The heart is our first organ as we’re developing in our mother’s womb, it’s very literally the captain of our ship as it led the way into unknown territory. 

What I’ve learned personally when I let my brain take the reins is that I tend to make decisions out of fear, insecurity, a state of overthink, & generally just stop myself from doing anything. Part of the brain’s wiring is to ensure our survival -- to ensure that we learn from all the scary moments our ancestors faced that continue to be encoded in our DNA. I also tend to think that part of our brain is stuck in time, the time where we could step outside our cave & get attacked by an ancient predator. Our predators may be different now and way less scary, but our brain doesn’t always know that. 

Our heart, however, does. When I take a moment to let the fear go and ask my heart what I should do, the result is usually magical & rooted in faith-- it’s never as scary as my brain thought it would be, & it’s usually an amazingly enjoyable moment of learning and growth. 

What if by being a heart-led business I could create something that is part of the change the world needs most now & in the future? Even if that something is what my heart senses with excitement but my brain fears?

I leave you with this prompt → what would happen if you started asking your heart and your brain the same question but allowed yourself to hear the different answers?