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Intentions: January Week 1

Posted on January 04 2021, By: Nicole Beaudin

Welcome to my first blog post of 2021! We made it. For those of you who have recently joined, thank you for being here.   

After taking a break post launch to spend holidays safely with family, drive to Colorado where I’ll be living for a couple of months, & just truly let myself absorb that I acted on something I’ve been dreaming of for years, I’m ready to dive right back in this week. It’s amazing what a bit of rest can do!

As one of my goals is to inspire & connect with you by sharing my journey into entrepreneur land, each week will be kicked off with an email & video on my goals & intentions. I will then end the week with a recap of how I did, what I learned, & where I feel stuck.

So what is it I'm setting out to do this week?

  • Research & choose a better email platform -- as storytelling & communication are key pillars of this business, I’d love to find a more flexible platform that fits our needs (but I am still incredibly grateful for this shopify version that allowed me to start)
  • Connect -- when I shared that I finally launched this baby of mine, I received some amazing feedback from my community. A few of those and I decided we’d love to connect to learn and share more with each other (including a second cousin of mine who works in the healthcare industry!).
  • Research payment and tax for adding a service to the site -- I’ve been testing out mini distance reiki sessions with a couple of friends, and the feedback has been really positive. My goal is to test out adding a 30 minute session as a service to the site, but I want to ensure it’s a seamless customer experience. 
  • Reconnect to my personal healthy habits now that I’m rooted into a new home for a bit -- morning meditation and runs (we are so close to the Platte River path in Denver - it’s gorgeous!), 4 sweat from home workouts, & afternoon walks where I sink into vision, pray, & practice gratitude.


Stay tuned to see how I do and what I learn.