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A Welcome Note

Posted on December 21 2020, By: Nicole Beaudin

Welcome to Eloi & Stella. I am so grateful you are here. 

My intentions with this site are to inspire, connect, & build community as I share my own story and begin my adventure into entrepreneur land after many years in the safe seeming harbor of corporate america. You get to go along with me to see if I can actually do it. Follow along on all of my ups and downs (I promise not to edit). Which means you’re also here today, when I’m technically, if I’m being honest, not ready to start. But start, that’s what every successful entrepreneur says, just start. 🙄

So here I am with a site, instagram, & youtube page still a work in progress. My perfectionist demons screaming, “don’t do it!” and my soul whispering back, “you are so ready, there’s no better time than now.” As my goal is to be of service to you and the greater world, it makes sense to build organically with feedback, so here I go, one step at a time, shushing my inner critics. 

Thank you for joining me on my journey as I learn to thrive where I’m planted (after a whole boatload of uprooting, stay tuned for that story), and as I take the steps to make my parents amazing tomato juice a reality for many.